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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Brothertown April 6th 1818

John Barrow

please to pay Grin
on order the sum of one Hundred
& twenty five Dollars & Charge the same
in Acct. with the Committee &c and
oblige thy friend.

Thomas Dean
Rec. New York 4th mo 16. 1818 for Jn. Barrow
Treas. to the Committee on the Ind. Concern.

Twenty three Dollars 62/100--being for parrage &
board of Mary Doxator

& 6 Indian Children from Hudson
also some other expenditures on their account.
$23 62/100.

Jn. Murray Treas.
$50. Farmington 5th Mo. 4th 1818

On sight, please to pay to Wm. Kibbe

on order fifty dollars, and place the
same to our account, as per advice from
Thy Friends
Richard R. Lawrence Jon. Battey Caleb McComber David Baker Joseph Campton Ira Lapham
New York