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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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No. 11

and spirituous liquors creep in among them
and do them much injury by their example
and precept. The men have generally
adopted the American style of dress, and
speak and understand our language, tho
but little acquaited with books.

The education of the girls has been much
neglected, which accounts for their shyness
and adherence to their ancient customs,
both in style of dress, language &c. yet I found
some few in each reservation, having had the
advantages of a missionary education,
They could read, and were cleanly in their persons
and in their houses; but where the women
have confined their attention to basket making
and fancy bead work, they were very poor
housekeepers and enjoyed fewer conveniences
and comforts at home.

The schools under the control of the Baptists

and Presbyterian societies, have been supported
with funds from the civilization appropriation
by the General Government. Those under
the control of the Methodists by funds from
the State, within the last
two years the state has built them several
school houses, and appropriated a stipulated sum for
Teachers saleries. In every nation, I thought
I could discover the kind of labor that had
been principally bestowed upon them,
wether religious, moral or pagan.

The general disposition of their minds as well as
things around them, was a sufficient index
of the kind of Labor that they had received from
their White brothers and sisters. Temperance