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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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No. 8

both time and talents to fancy bead word for
a little cash to supply their pressing wants.
They have very little furniture in their
houses and both their persons and families
sustain a great loss by their misapplication
of time & talent.

The Tonawanda's

in Genesee County are reduced to about
450, and their reservation which the Ogden Co.
claim, is estimated at 12,800 acres; they
raise wheat and other small grain, and
their farms are estimated form small lots
to 75 acres, some of which look promising.
They have a few frame houses and barns,
but their improvements every way have been
much impeded by the unsettled state which
this company have thrown them into for the last
10 years. There are not less than 40 fami-
lies of white people who have procured land of this
Company, and settled on the reservation
to the great annoyance of the rightful
proprietors of the soil.

The Baptist

society have had a labor
school in opperation for 20 years, and 800
Indians youth of both sexes have received
instruction in labor as well as the use of books,
and the beneficial effects of such instruction
is very apparent in the midst of all their discou-
ragement; I could not ascertain their
stock & without raising their suspicions;
after having an interview with their Chief and
leading men and hearing their grievances,
thought it most prudent to leave them with the
hope that they may become more settled in their minds.