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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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to send

Providence 11 Mo. 4th 1843 My beloved friend
Richard Mott

Thy favour of the 28th ult. with
a proposed essay of a Memorial to Congress

has been received
and laid before the Committee of our Meetg. for Sufferings in
conjunction with the Com. of our Yearly Meetg. on the concern
for the Indians located west of the Mississippi. I am
directed by them to inform your Committee that, after a
time of careful and solid deliberation on the subject, way
does not open with us to adopt the essay as extended and
charged by you. That which we forwareded to you
was prepared by the Com. of our Meetg. for Sufferings together
with the Committee on Indian concerns, among whom
were our friends John D. Lang and Samuel Taylor jr, and
the practical points were stated in such a manner and
extended as far as they believed accorded with the facts that
had come to their knowledge and which in the guarded
manner in which they were set forth they felt prepared
and willing to endeavour to substantiate before Congress
should their friends desire them to visit Washington and
present the Memorial; as it was intimated to them would
probably be the case.

Under these circumstances, and with a desire that
we may be favored to unite in a document to be laid before
the General Government

, if you are not easy to adopt the
essay we have prepared, (which with a few verbal alteration
we now again forward to you) we would respectfully propose
a conference on the Committees of the two Meetings for Sufferings
and in order that this may be effectual our Committee made
no report to our Meeting which met today--but, to give us
time to act in unison with you the Meeting adjourned
to meet again in this place on third day the fifth of
next month. Please to give us early information of
the course you would propose should now be pursued
in the case.

Affectionately thy assured friend
Samuel Boyd Tobey