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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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J. D. Lang & S. Taylor Jr. to make report--N. York Com.
invited to attend--1843

Providence 4 Mo. 25th 1843 My dear friend
Mahlon Day

I have just received
a letter from our friend John D. Lang

that he and Sam. Taylor jr desire to meet the
joint Committee of your Y. Meeting and ours
at this place next week. Will some of you attend
to receive their report of their journey?

Our Quarterly Meeting is held at East Greenwich

(12 miles from here) on 4th and 5th days. Meeting
for Sufferings 4th day afternoon. School Committee
at the School house on 6th days. We should be glad
of your company at these meetings. Third days
would perhaps afford as much leisure as any
day of the week to attend to the Indian concern--but it may perhaps be attended
to in the evening of one or two days. You will
please suit your own convenience about coming
and we will endeavor to conform to it.

Please write me when we may expect you.
Affectionately thy friend
Samuel Boyd Tobey