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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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John D. Lang & Sam. Taylor to go west of Mississippi

New York, 9th mo. 8, 1841 Doctor S. B. Tobey
Dear Friend

Our committee on the concern
for the Indians located West of the Mississippi

, met
yesterday. A good deal of interest was manifested
by the Committee, that the views of Friends of both this
and the New England Yearly Meeting's Com-
mittee, should be carried out as soon as suitable Friends
should be found, who would be willing to engage in
this arduous concern of assisting the Indians.

It being communicated to our Com-
mittee, that two Friends of New England Yearly Meeting

(John D. Lang and Samuel Taylor jr) had intimated to
a few Friends their willingness to engage in this mission,
I was requested to write to thee, on behalf of the Com-
mittee of our Yearly Meeting on this subject, and to state
our entire approbation of the names of these Friends;
and a hope was feelingly expressed, that they might see
it right before long, to set out on this interesting service,
and to add, that the expenses would cheerfully be paid
on our part, out of the money jointly raised for this purpose, by
the two Yearly Meetings.

If your Committee could see it right to
signify, with us, our full approbation with the prospect of these
Friends, and for thee, on behalf of your Committee, to
write to them , to encourage them with our sym-
pathy and unity in this work of justice and love, and to