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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Interview of Cyrus Mendenhall with
some Stockbridge Indians--1839

Cleveland Ohio 3rd Mo. 6th 1839 Respected Friend

Having lately learned that thou art
one of the Ohio Yearly Meetings

Committee on Indian
Affairs, I take the liberty of addressing thee to call
your attention to the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, now
residing on the South side of Winnebago Lake in Wisc-
onsin Tery. They have resided in that Tery. for the
last 16 years, to which place they came from one of the
central Counties of N. York State, & had previously rec.
some attention from Friends, I think of N.Y. Yearly

I do not know what rule of action the Committee
have adopted, whether their attention is Confined to
the Shawanesse

& some others formerly in Ohio, or whether
they would consider themselves at liberty to act for the
welfare of the Indian wherever they saw an opportu-
nity to effect any improvement in his conditions, and
whether he was or not, now accepting the aid of other
religious Societies. Be this as it may I feel it obli-
gatory upon me to give thee some account of an interview
I had with Jn. Quinney, A. E. Quinney & Austin 3 Chiefs
of this tribe. We accidentally put up at the same Hostel
in Detroit in the early part of this winter. Perceiving at
suppertime that I was somewhat peculiarly dressed, A. E. Quinney