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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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(owing to the Ohio

being far and frose they have not yet come to hand)
and then thou will be informed the names of that committee and also will see
by the report of our Committee on Idian affairs what we one
doing among them altho we are doing nothing to bost of yet I
hope that our labours among them will not be intirely in vain
one great difficulty we labour under is in geting a suitable family
to reside among them and superintend at our establishment it not
only requires individuals that are well acquianted with genuine religion
but also with the proceedings of General government especially as
relates to the indians and also to be acquainted with human nature
and it is hard to find those in whom all these qualities is com
find and indeed it is a great deprivation for any to reside among
heathons so far distant form the boddy of Society and
when any do make the Sacrafice of all their friends as to Society
they ought to have the nearest Simpathy and unity of their
Boarding School going into operation soon is rather discouridging owing
to the want of funds. The committee have oppointed to meet the
first second day in the third month at which time they will be
informed what money is likely to be raised the present year
and if the funds will justify it they are desireous to get the
house raised & inclosed the present year. We are in great need
of such an institution having I suppose about 12000 children
within our limits and it being verry difficult to furnish our
primary schools with suitable teachers & it will be hard to
remady that dificulty in any other way than by a bording School
and not only that but for want of such an institution many of friends
children are sent to county Siminaries and other Schools where
the example set before them is calculated to lead their minds
to soar above the Simplisity of the truth as prosessed by us
But for want of information respecting such institutions some
seem prejudiced against it apprehending it will only benefit
the Rich and therefore withhold subscribing tho I have a hope
as the yearly meeting appointed a committee to solisit sub-
scriptions in the limits of each quarter who are able to give
information respecting such a school that much of the preju-
dice will be removed and the money will be raised
and the work go on.

Thou will see by the minutes of the yearly meeting that there
was no ministering friends from other yearly meeting of it which I think
was the first that we have held by ourselves. Tho we were not
without the company of the great head of the church by his holy
Spirrit under the influence of which we were enabled
to tranceact the buisiness in much harmony

In love I remain thy friend Wm Hobbs

NB I am informed that Dear Elizabeth Robson

has landed
again in America If thou sees her please give her my love
together with her dear Husband