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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Ohio in relation to Shawnese--Indiana on Civilazation, &c.

To the Committee of New York Yearly
for the protection assistance &c. of the
Indian Tribes West of the Mississippi.
Dear Friends

The paragraph contained in
the Epistle from your Yearly Meeting
touching the above subject claimed the es-
pecial notice of our Yearly Meeting and we
were by minute directed to correspond with
you relative thereto.

You are no doubt already informed
that in conjunction with the Yearly Meetings of

and Indiana we have long had
under our care the civilization and Christian
Instruction of the Shawnee Tribe of Indians.
And that while in a progressive state of im-
provement they were removed from this
State west of the Mississippi. We have however
thought it right to follow them to their new
abode,--have erected buildings--placed a fam-
ily there, and opened a school. You may not
be aware that in a school thus circumstanced the
children have to be learned and boarded and Clothed by
Friends; thus involving a very heavy expense
especially in a new Country where provisions are
high. It is caused of deep humiliation and
sorrow that our efforts to give the young Natives
a knowledge of letters and of the truths of
the gospel as contained in the Holy Scriptures
have not hitherto been efficient for the want
of adequate means. The whole of the funds
originally derived from our brethren in England
being detained in the hands of Hicksites in
Baltimore. Contributions among ourselves have
not enabled us to keep a school in the
mentioned all the year; and until this desirable