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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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generally determined on staying & told him so.
He then came into Council--Said the business
was finished--you have sold all your claimed
in this State--Here is the treaty made & written
before you, and are all you have to do is to Sign
it. He then laid the Treaty on the table &
called on the chiefs to sign it. The Senecas

then laid on the table a remonstrance they
had prepared against his proceedings and 62
of their chiefs signed it--23 of them who
were in favour of emigration Signed the treaty
The commissioner Staid two or three days
afterward at a tavern, & with the agents of
the Ogden Co. bribed others to Sign or got
them drunk & then induced them to do so.
The Senecas have determined to carry
their remonstrance to Washington & John
, one of the Chiefs is expected here
soon on his way thither to present it, It
is signed by 92 Warriors & head men repres-
enting 700 souls. It is likely our Indian
Committee will also present a memorial, by a
deputation, and we have thought that a
memorial from your Indian Comm. or Mtg for
Sufferings might be of mere avail as coming
from Citizens of the State where the Indians
are & also their reservations. The Oneidas
Onondagoes, & other tribes in N. York and all
embraced in the treaty &are all to be
removed as well as Senecas. Tho'I
have no prospect that the presenta-
tion of animials will have any
beneficial effect yet it seems to me
as it will probably be the last opportu-
nity we ought once more to lift up our
voices to testify against the robbery and
oppression of this afflicted & presented people.
Our Comm. meet early next week to
deliberate on the measue & we should then
decide probably as to the course. Mean-
while I was desired to write to thee & Com-
municate these facts & glad should I be if
you join us in Memorializing.