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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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T. Evans on behalf of Philadelphia Committee
in relation to removal of Indians
west of the Mississippi

Philad. 2nd Mo. 23. 1838 My dear frd,

We yesterday Rec. a letter from
a number of the chiefs of the Indians Settled on
the Allegheny Reservation

in your State, inform-
ing that Schemerhorn U.S. agent had been there
& held a council in which he told them they must
sell their lands & remove to the West of the Mis-
--that the U.S. government was resolved
to remove them from where they now were--that
every chief who would influenced 100 persons to agree
to go, should receive $500 dollars premium, &
that the government had resolved to stop their
annuity until they removed westward--that
those who removed would receive the annuity
but those who did not would get nothing.

Aided by the Ogden Company

he used
every exertion to prevail on them to assent to
the measure, & after having occupied nearly
the whole time of the Council for 8 days, he
requested an answer. The chiefs & head men were