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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Address of Indian Chiefs at Tonawanda.

The Chiefs of the People of the village of Tonnawanta
to all the good People to whom these presents may come
Brethren & friends

Our dearly beloved Brother John Sky

(the bearer of this) has this day started from our Village
at Tonnawanta on a journey to New York City to
visit our good friends the Quakers at that place who
have for some length of time manifested a friendly
disposition towards us. The Object of this visit is to
Obtain advice & instructions from those good people
relative to our future conduct & behaviour which
we are fully persuaded will be highly beneficial
to us and to our people--And is is our hearty
desire & request that all our white brethren with
whom our brother Sky may have any intercourse
on his journey, may treat him with friendship
& hospitality, and with that tenderness & consider-
ation that a stranger not understanding the
language of the country might wish or expect
from a civilized & Chistian People

Dated at the Village of Tonnawanta
September 14th 1817 our marks Top X Johnson X Jemy Johnson X Ottaieta X Blue Sky X Peter Baldwin X