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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Indian Committee Dz.

To balence Due when forwarded last account $37--26 To plow irons 6-- To need 14/-- Loom harness 10/-- 3-- To Cash paid Nancy

in full for last years
wages for inst'ing women in spinning &c 2--50 To three days attending on Comms request in
examining circumstances of Indians 6-- To 1 day on Indian's business 1-- To paid Mary Doestater $18 in full for last years wages 18-- To 68 bushels potatoes a 6/-- per bushel 51-- To wintering 2 yoke of oxen a $12 24-- To 6 1/2 bushes 1 seed corn a $3 18--75 To 2 days attendance on Indian business 3-- To paying Mary Dockstater $6 in advance
for present year's wages 6-- To paid dressing of John Aron Smith's
Sister's Cloth her name forgot 7 3/4 yds 2--75 To Do Jacob Smith's 20 1/4 yds 5--82 1/2 To Do Moses Cornelius 13 1/4 yds 4--70 $189--78 1/2 Cr by Cash for my order 50-- by Cash Do 100-- Due $39--78 1/2

PS Charles Willits

arrived here last 7th day and
is gone to Onondaga, being well and desired
his family might be informed of it if convenient

To John GriscamAcors Rathbun

Friend John Griscam

Pleas to Pay Horsefield &
Mott one hundred & Eighty Dollars and Charge
the Same to my account for indian affares

Verona 9th of 6th Mo. 1817 Acors Rathbun Accepted
Please pay the above in my act
Jn Barrow
To Jn Dodgson