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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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residence and have to remove further West, there is scarce a
doubt they would have for white neighbours a profligate
people compared with those amongst whom they now
reside--in short such a step appears likely to effect their
ruin as a nation

The Land in question is withing your State, and
your Legislature did several years since secure to the
Brotherton Indians

the Tract on which they now reside;
if any mode could be devised by which the Alleghany
and Cattarogus Reservations with a part of the Buffaloe
could be permanantly secured to the Seneca Nation it
might be rendering them an almost incalculable
benefit--we hope there is no danger of an immediate
Sale, as from the tenor of our last advices from that
Country there appears a general aversion to it, and
were the Nation at large to be consulted and their judgement
to govern we should have little anxiety as to the result--
but where a few individuals not remarkable for their
industry of sobriety, may be tampered with, and a hasty
indiscreet act of theirs dispossess the whole Nation of
all their Territory, it occasions uneasiness and we know
not how soon such an event will take place.

We are informed your Committee for the Improvement &c
of the Indian Natives meet next week, should you
believe the import of this proper to engage their
attention you are at liberty to lay it before them--
we are a sub Committee appointed to obtain such
information as is likely to be useful on this interesting
subject--we should like to receive from you the
heads of the Act securing the Brothertons

with any advice which presents, in time to lay
the same before our general Committee which
stands adjourned to the 19th of next month on
whose behalf we are

Your Friends Tho. Stewardson Thomas Wistar Isaac Bonsall