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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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but they have concluded not to leave the lands
perhaps brethren your have been unea
-sy at this reports, but you may rest satisfied
we ahve taken a firm resolution not to go.
If any thing more occurs he will let us know.
I will learn it to you to your own breasts.
Indean mind are small. dont see so far as
their fds. whatevr you give we shall make
good use of it. What I have let you know at
this time comes from chiefs & warriors
Onon & oniedas. We are not
inclined to but leave it to your
own breasts. We have horses & cattle but want
tools. We see now we can't live by hunting
Industry is necessary.

Brothers & Sisters
Good Spirit preserv us
till this Wher w Seneca
our nation more industrious. Women take
to spinning two more wheels wanted
pistun broke & mill dam.