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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Newhartford 3 mo 16th 1816 Dear Friends
John Murry jr. &
Sam. Parsons

Alltho I have not writen for some
time yet the subject of Indian affairs still rests
on my mind, the Onondaga tribe

have often
Requested some assistance in building them a
sawmill, which subject has occupied my mind and
the minds of Friends here who feel a concern for
them, but there being no way opening to us
sufficiant to make a Propersition to the Committee
untill of late therefore it has ben delayed. Ehraim
as well as Friends here have thought it might be
of Great Use to them--and Ehraim Webster has had
some encouragement to his proposel which was--
that if Friends should see it right to assist the Indians
and do a part, he and the Indians would do the other
part, that there was a Man who lived adjoining near
where the Mill aught to be built who is a Millright
and was friendly to the Indians and would do the Mill
work and teach the Indians how to tend and keep the
Mill in repare--it was proposed to E. Webster to assertain
from the Millright the prabibel expense, and let us know
and we would Communicate to some of the Committee
at New York
and as soon as we Rec. an answare we would let
him know--E Webster is of opinion and so am I--that this
Mill if it could be built would be of great utility to them
perhaps as general a benifit as any thing Freinds could
at present do for them--This bill we have not rec. but
if Friends should feel it right to do something to encourage
them in building sd. Mill I have thought to stipulate
a particular sum would be well--and I have thought of two
hundred dollars. This sum would pay for the Irons & geering
the Indians could more conveniantly do the rest