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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Friends in

About 25 Families of Mohocks

head of Bay of Canton
has a chuch--Capt. Isaac a good farmer--others more
or less intemperate--Government contemplate giving
them Land--what they now have is on long lease--


near Montreal--Roman Catholics--


--most live near Young Streit or
near Lake Simco--wander about--some few raise Corn--
lazy, dirty, idle & intemperate--traders say several are
honest and punctual in paying their debts which
is mostly done in peltry--very few engaged in War--
inoffensive; not much given to violent resentments, but
mostly quiet and well behaved when sober--wander from Lake
of Huron to Bay of Canton distance 300 Miles--are con-
siderably numerous and are the original inhabitants--
other Tribes procured their Land from them and
the Government purchase of them--and pay them
an annuity--Government carefull in preventing
bad Whites defrauding them and are punished
if they buy Guns of Kettles &v. of the Indians--
public agents is appointed to protect them--there
agents reside at York Kingston &c. they collect large
quantities of Furs--not a war like people--most
remarkably hospitable and kind to strangers--

Grand River--Mohocks

and other Indians--has a
tract 12 Miles wide & 40 Miles long--some farmers--many
hundred families--Norwich Friends nearest to them--

Friends give an opinion that Friends in London

might possibly influence the British Government to
recommend to the Governor or Parliment of Canada some plans for ameliorating the Condition
of the Indians in that province--or in such other
way as Friends there may advise--
Enquire if the Gov. or Parliment can grant Lands

a person was drowned--his Brother a justice lamented his loss and mourned much on the occasion, a
Massasago Indian

called on a Friend and told him to go to the Man and tell him that it was the
will of the great spirit and that it was very wrong to mourn and that he ought to submit to it
quietly otherways it would grieve the Great Spirit as it looked like finding fault with him