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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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relative to the Indians situated on the borders of this State, Report,
That in the course of their attention to the service much as not been done
in the course of the present year, although it may be acknowledged,
the field for exercising our benevolence, and promoting the good of that
People seems to be more enlarged. - Three of our number have
visited several of the Tribes, and from accounts communicated by
them, as well as from other communications, we are fully impress'd
with abelief, that there is encouragement for friends to persevere
in endeavouring to promote the Objects which first engaged the
attention of the Yearly Meeting - Civilization & Agricultural
improvements appear gradually progressing, and there are those
amongst them who appear to have their minds impressed with
a degree of religious thoughtfulness; and the Committee conceive
it right for them to mention, that this appear to be the case in
aparticular manner amongst anumber of the Indian Women
at Stockbridge

, who in the course of several visit paid them by
different friends, seem'd to claim their sympathy & affectionate
regard, and as they are equally entitled to our assistance as the
Men, and it may be the means of increasing usefulness to
both, the Committee suggest to the Meeting, the propriety of
spreading this concern before the Womens Yearly Meeting -

New York 5th month 29th 1804
Sign'd by direction & on behalf of Committee
Tho. Franklin Clerk.

The foregoing communication rec.d from the Committee
on this interesting concern, appeared to afford the Meeting,
not only asatisfaction, but a comfortable prospect, that as
friends continue to bear in mind the situation of that
injured People, and of the motives which led to the concern,
we shall be enabled to persevere therein, & stimulate
the Committee to move forward as way may open in promoting their welfare.