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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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having course to believe that his undertaking originated
in aright concern - Another School was also taught
by a woman friend, whose devotedness and attention
to this arduous undertaking, gives reason to hope that
considerable benefit will result from her labours. -
Yet we observe with concern, that owing to a disposal
of some of their Land to the State, adjoining to the
main road, leading through their settlements, which
by the introduction of Taverns, opening an easy access
to the use of ardent Spirits, which has hitherto proved so
painfully detrimental to their civil & religious improvement,
for altho many of them appear sensible of its baneful effects,
and consider it as their most potent Enemy, yet their
weakness is such, through the power of habit, that when
it is introduced amongst them, they give way - Yet from
the covering of solemnity, & heart felt sympathy generally
felt on the first opening of this weighty concern for their
wellfare, the evident revival of it at times in our deliberations
on the subject, affords encouragement for friends to persevere
in their benevolent designs, apprehending it may be
ranked amongst those cases, where obstructions ought to
stimulate to an increase of care & attention -

The Meeting in arenewed attention
to the subject relative to that People, and the communication
& feelings thereon, evidenced arevival of the concern, &
asatisfaction with the report of the Committee - who are
desired to continue their care, & attention thereto, agreeable
to the minute made on this subject last year, with
ahope they may be encouraged to persevere in the work
under right direction - and as their number is small,
& reside much scattered, it is throught a usefulness might