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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The attention of the Committee was engaged in
the consideration of the propriety of making an
appointment to visit the Tribes in the Western
parts of the State under our care, with a view
of promoting their civilization & general
improvement, and to this service the following
friends were appointed, to wit Adam Mott

Josiah Field, James Mott, Jn Griffin,
Samuel Parsons, Thos Willis, Charles Willetts,
Esther Griffin, Phebe Field, Anne Willis,
Elizabeth Byrd & Anne Mott.

The Friends appointed to prepare an
Essay of a report to the Yearly Meeting produced
it, which was approved, directed to be signed
by the Clerk & laid before the Yearly Meeting

It is as follows

To the Yearly Meeting

The Committee on the Concern for the
civilization & welfare of the Indians
Having given attention to the object of the