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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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to the subject of Absalom

& Ruth Hatfield's
removal, reported that owing to the state of
his health, they were still unable to remove;
& that the Committee had given attention to the
other subjects entrusted to them.

A statement of Joseph Frost's

accts was
presented & referred for examination to
Thos. Eddy & Joseph Byrd, who were authorizd.
to receive the balance due him from the
Treasurer & forward it to him

It appearing by a letter from Joseph

, that grain for seed & two yoke of
Oxen were wanted for the Indians; Joseph
was desired to procure one pair for
the Oneidas & one pair for the Onondagoes,
& such implements of husbandry & grain for
seed as he may judge expedient.

The Committee to give attention to the