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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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As we want to incourage you in your good resolution
we have desired our friend to go and see you and
they will assist you by lending you such Oxen and
farming utensils as you stand in need of, of which
we desire you will take good care.

We are your Friends
Signed on behalf of the Committee of the Yearly
Meeting of Friends of New York 31st of 5 mo 1811

Adjourned to Seven 'o'clock on first day
evening during the sitting of the ensuing Yearly

At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian
Concern held in New York 23d of 5 mo 1813

The Members were generally present
We have also the company of our Friend
Susanna Horne

of Great Britain, & of a
number of Friends of a neighbouring Yearly

The Committee appointed to attend