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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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wheels, flax & a loom to be purchased, and several
of their young women have already made considerable
progress in learning to spin and knit; they appear
much pleased with this additional care of Friends

To instruct them in these branches, the Committee
conceive to be very important, as it is reasonable to
believe, that as the women advance in this kind of
industry, and contribute so much to the comfort
of their families, their influence with the men will
be increased, their condition ameliorated, and they
relieved from out door work; and that the men
will be encouraged to attend more readily to agricultural
pursuits The Committee have been desirous of
engaging a suitable friend to reside at Oneida

addition to the friends who are now there in order
to instruct the Indians in agriculture, but have
not as yet been able to procure one. Several of
the Tribes have been visited by Committees appointed
for that purpose at Stockbridge they do not appear