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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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the proceedings of this Committee to be sent to
Friends of London England

are continued

The Committee to give attention to the situation
of the lands of the Shinecock Tribe

on Long
report attention, and that an Essay has
been made for a settlement between the Indians
and white Inhabitants, but finding the laws
relative to Indians prohibited making the division
of their lands as proposed, the matter is suspended
for the present The same Committee are
desired to keep the subject under their care &
report when they judge it needful

Thomas Eddy,

Matthew Franklin,
Abrm J Underhill, Anna Thorn & Lydia Mott
are appointed to essay a report to our next
Yearly Meeting, and produce at the adjournment
of this Committee.

Adjourned to the 7th hour on second day
evening during the Yearly Meeting at Pearl

Meeting House in New York