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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Indians as may appear proper & draw on
the Treasurer for the amount expended, not
exceeding the sum of One hundred Dollars
The Clerk is directed to furnish him with a
copy of this minute

No report respecting furnishing the
Stockbridge Tribe

with spinning wheels, wool
flax &c. and it appearing by information
now received from Joseph Frost that he had
not received the communication of the Clerk
on that subject, the present Clerk is directed
to transmit a copy of this Meeting's former
Minute to Joseph Frost, as also respecting
that relative to the Farm at Onondaga as
no report is received respecting that for the
same reasons; and Cha. Willetts is requested
to unite with Joseph Frost in attending to
the foregoing subjects

The Committee to draft a narrative of