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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The Committee to visit the Western Tribes made
the following report viz

In the course of the Tenth month several
numbers of the Committee visited the Brothertown

Stockbridge and Oneida & Onondaga Tribes, and
have the following particular to state

At Brothertown

we had an opportunity with a
number of the most sober part to some satisfaction,
but viewing them as a Tribe they appear to have
rather declined, and as considerable has been done
for them to little effect, we apprehend it might be
best for Friends to withold all pecuniary aid from
them for a season, as they have the mean of
living quite comfortably, if they will only make
good use of them.

At Stockbridge

they do not appear to have
improved much of late, many of them being not
only idle and neglectful of business, but given to