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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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and likely to be sold out and settled in a manner
which may prove very injurious to the welfare of
the Pagan Party

, report that they have had an
interview with the Governor on the subject, and
that he gave them encouragement that he would
introduce to the consideration of the Legislature, a
proposition of making an exchange thereof, agreeably
to the desire of the Indians; the Committee is
continued with Tho Eddy added to give further
attention to the subject.

The Committee to furnish the Onondagoes

Oxen, farming utensils &c. report attention thereto,
but not being prepared with the particulars are continued

The Committee to engage a suitable Farmer
to reside amongst the Oneidas,

report that they
have made enquiries, but without effect, they are