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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Tribes, with the view of promoting their
general improvement and advancement in the arts
of civilized life, which resulted in appointing to this
service the following friends, namely
Thomas Rotch
Richd. Mott
Abrm. J Underhill
Nicholas Wanzer
Saml. Parsons
Joseph Talcott
Thomas Willis
Sarah Talcott
Elizabeth Byrd
Hannah Field
Catharine Murray
Phebe Field and
Esther Griffin

Adjourned to the 10th of 12th Month the
evening preceding the Meeting for Sufferings
at 6'o'clock in the evening, at Pearl Street

Meeting House, New York

The statement of Absalom Hatfield's

acct. is entered
at the Back of the Book