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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The report engaged the attention of Friends, especially
that part which relates to Onondaga Tribe

& as it
is expected that another visit will be made to the Western
Tribes under our notice in the course of this fall or
the ensuing winter they are requested to afford
the Onondagoes such assistance in furnishing
implements of husbandry &c. as they may judge
suitable to make careful inspection into their
situation, in order that this Committee may be
prepared to take such steps for their benefit, as
may appear advisable; and John Barrow,
Thomas Willis, Gideon Seaman, Esther Griffin
& Anne Willis are added to the Committee

Adjourned to halfpast seven tomorrow

About the time adjourned to Friends
again met & passed some time in the consideration
of subjects relative to this concern

Gideon Seaman

, James Mott, John Murray
John Barrow & Saml. Parsons are appointed to