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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Adjourned to the 1st of 8th mo at four 'o'clock in the afternoon
at Purchase

Meeting House

Minute omitted above

The Treasurer is directed to pay to Thomas

the sum of forty five Dollars advanced by him
in the Year 1801 for promotion of object of this

At a Meeting of the Committee at Purchase 1 of 8 mo

Only 7 of the Committee being present it was
concluded to adjourn to the 13th of 2 mo next at 6'o'clock
in the evening at Pearl Street

Meeting House in
New York.

At a Special Meeting of the Committee on the
Indian Concern, held at West Chester9th of 10 mo 1809

Present 20 Members

The Committee appointed to visit the Indian Tribes
in the Western parts of this State, made a report in
writing, which is in substance as follows- viz