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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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produced the essay with alterations which was approved,
& James Mott

& Catharine Murray are appointed to
sign it on behalf of the Committee & lay it before the
Yearly Meeting; it is as follows

To the Yearly Meeting

The Committee under whose care the concern relative to
the civilization & welfare of the Indians is placed,
continue to feel interested in the work & desirous of
using every suitable means to promote the object of
their appointment.

Several of their number have made a visit to
the Brothertown

, Stockbridge & Oneida Tribes since
last Year, by their report, we find, that at
Brothertown although divers of them are very
intemperate, yet there are many others & particularly
amongst the younger class who refrain from excessive
drinking & are making considerable advancement in
improving their lands, to which we believe the care
& exertions of John Dean & family have greatly
contributed; his son teaches a School in that place