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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The Committee to furnish Absalom Hatfield

articles necessary for his accomodation & the instruction
of the Indians report, that they have paid the sum
of Three hundred & fifty Dollars for that purpose & it
appearing that a number of articles it still wanted to
forward the view of the Committee for the improvement
of the Indians, they are continued with James Mott
& Abraham S Underhill added, & authorized to call
on the Treasurer for such additional sums as they
may judge necessary.

The Committee to prepare a report to the Yearly
Meeting, produced an Essay which being attended to, was
referred back to the Committee with Phebe Field

Anne Mott added.

Adjourned to second day evening next at half past 7'o'clock

At a meeting of the Committee 29th of 5 mo 1809

Present 37 members

The Committee on a report to the Yearly Meeting