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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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more comfortably on the fruits thereof-
Brothers! that you may be able to keep these good
resolutions, we wish you to attend very carefully to what the
good Spirit teaches in the heart, for it is placed there as
a guide to show what to do and what to leave undone and
to lead you and us to virtue and happiness agreeable
to what you will find written in that good book which
your Brother sent you from over the great water. And altho'
you may not now comprehend some of the mysteries con
tained in that excellent book, yet, as you become more
and more disposed to listen to the voice of the gret and
good Spirit in your hearts, your minds will gradually
be enlighten'd to understand the things written therein,
so far as is necessary for you-

We are also glad to find that the subject of
the education of your Children preposed to you by our
friends who visited you last summer, has been consider'd
by you, and that you are desirous to have a school
establish'd amongst you- We wish to encourage you
in this good work and shall willing by advise and assist
you in it, believing it of great importance to your
offspring whose fertile minds like a well cultivated soil,