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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letters to Elizabeth Townsend

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New Stockbridge 10th mo. 15th 1801
Friend and Sister

This is to let you know I am much
rejoiced to see friend Joseph Clark, come by the side of our
fire place, and bring our Girls home. I can not but
bless the great good Spirit for his great goodness in preserving
our long absented Girls from various dangers and that
they have found favour in the sight of such good Friends, as to
take them under their benevolent care and instruct them
in good things and ways; I acknowledge that you have done
a great deal for us, out of love to the Great good Spirit and
your fellow Creatures, that we poor Natives might as it were
rise up & walk, and follow the good path which you follow, by which
I always feel thankful & hope you will not lose your reward
in Heaven, I feel our obligations are increased as our advanta
-ges are increased to serve God in sincerity and in truth.

The Religion is somewhat low amongst us, but Christians
seem to keep on still, there has been but a few careless ones
stir'd up for soul Concern, since your young Men left us, who