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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letters to Elizabeth Townsend

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From a young Indian Woman to Eliz'th Townsend/daughter of Joseph Clark

1801Dear Friend,

No doubt but thee will excuse a letter from me
who wishes thee, and all thy Society well, tho unknown to each
other as to our bodily persons, yet I sincerely hope that we sincerely fre
quently converse with the same Spirit -- My dear Friend, thank
thy father, and likewise thee for your kind care towards us the
Natives of America, for I believe that you will have your re
ward for God will reward you. I give my kind love to all
thy friends, and tell them that the Good Spirit is on its way to the
dark Corners of the Earth. When my dear Friend, when will that
happy day appear? When the Nations will learn War no more.
For then Lion will arise and travail, and bring forth--She will bring

So farewell from thy unknown friend Gracy Crosby