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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Address to the Six Nations

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the People call'd Quakers in Pennsylvania and
New Jersy &ca. By their Representatives--assembl'd
--at Philadelphia. 9th. month 9th. 1794. To--Our Brothers--the Indians of the Six Nations, who have
appointed to meet the Commissioner of the United States at
Canadaoque Kanandargua in order for the promotion of a Lasting Peace.

We are always glad, when we have
an opportunity of hearing from you--our old Friends--and using
our endeavours in promoting the good Work of Peace.

We understand the President of the
United States has proposed holding a Treaty with you, by
his Commissioners. Our religious profession has
always led us to promote so good a Work--and having been
informed the President of the United States--as also your
Nations, are willing and desirous we should be at the Treaty
We have therefore Authorized our beloved friends David Bacon

John Parrish--Wm. Savery & Ja. Emlen
to attend the said Treaty for
Us--On whose Behalf we make known to you--that they
are our Friends--whom we greatly love--being true Men
who finding their Love so great to their Indian Brethren
(the old Inhabitants of this Land of America) that they are
willing to come and see You--with
desires to do you Good.

Brothers--We meddle not with the Affairs
of Government-- we hate Wars and Bloodshed
But on the other hand we desire to do all we can to