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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Address to the Six Nations

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preserve and promote Peace and Good-Will amongst all

Our Grand-fathers and friend Onas
were careful in their Day to preserve Peace and Love with
their Brothers the Indians--We their Children and
Successors endeavour to do the Same--and we are happy
when we can prevail on the People to be kind
and do Good and not Evil to one Another.

We pity the Indians--as well as
the White People when they are brought into Suffering and
Distress--and would do them all the Good in our Power
--and we hope the Great and Good Spirit will pour in into
the Hearts of the great Men of the United States, and
your great Men--to adjust and compromise all their
Differences -- that Human Blood may no more
stain the Ground, nor the Rivers..

We hope you will receive our Friends
and Brothers David Bacon

--John Parrish--Wm Savery & Ja. Emlen--
kindly as if they were ourselves
you may safely confide in them. We have known them
many Years, and know they have good hearts.
We have put under their Care a small token
of Love for You--as the Descendents of the first
Inhabitants of this Land of North America
whom our forefathers found here after they had crossd
the great Water--and we hope desiring the Chain