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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Committee Appointed to Confer With the Friends who Attended the Indian Treaty

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The Committee appointed to confer with
the Friends who attended the Indian Treaty in the
preceding Autumn on the Matters contained in
their Report & the Observations & Occurrencies by them
otherwise noted, having in the course of attending
thereto, considered divers particulars of interesting
import as relative to the cultivation of Amity and
promotion of solid Peace wth the Indians of whom
a certain Nation called Tuscaroras

assert a Claim
as original Owners of Lands held by Friends at
Hopewell in Virginia, for wch they have not receiv'd
satisfactory Compensation; another description of
those People appear dissatisfied, pleading that no conci-
liatory means have been used by the Government of
Penslyvania to attone for, or (in their own expressive
Language) to wipe away the Blood of their Relatives
inhumanely spilt at Conestoga & Lancaster in the latter end of the year
1763; these People in common with other Indians
expressing great Confidence in, & Reliance on the
Friendship & good Offices of our religious Society, &
some of them manifesting a desire to endeavour
after a more civilized mode of living, intimate a
hope of being encouraged & aided therein by Friends,
in the way of promoting the tuition of their Children,
and affording some assistance & Instruction in the practical
Knowledge of Agriculture & the social Oeconomy of a
peaceful & inoffencive Life: These Objects wch appearing
to claim religious Attention, and another Treaty for a
more general Pacification being proposed to be held
in the 6th. mo. next, the Committee apprehend it expedient
& proper to request the Members of the Meeting for
Sufferings who reside in the City to meet & consider whe-
ther it will not be right, and agreeable to the Concern of
our Yearly Meeting, to give Notice to the large Committee
appointed in the the year 1792 to unite with the Meeting for
Sufferings in the exercise of christian endeavours for the
Promotion of Peace with the Indians, that their Attendance
on the Occasion is desired at the stated time of our
Meeting next mo.