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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Set of soon this Morning for Wil-
-listown Meeting

. Shortly after we crossed Schuylkill we passed a small lot of spring barley perhaps the first we had seen went to my Brother in-
-law Amos Garretts, before Meeting 15m & where
we left our horses, where I heard from
my dear Wife and family, being the
first account I had from them since I
left home. and I left truly thankfull
I was so near my own habitation, and
among my near relations, and inti
-mate friends. We returned here from
Meeting and got our dinners, and
set of homewards, our roads parting
on the way, we took an affectionate fare-
-well of each other, having been out toga-
-ther ten Weeks wanting one day, and
travelled more than 1200 miles in near
unity, and Christian fellowship through
some proving dispensations. I got home
in the evening, and found my Dear
Wife and family all well, by whom
I was gladly recieved. and I felt thank
-full I was got once more amongst them