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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Set of early this Morning, in about
6 miles, off a bold commanding Eminance
we had an extensive and beautiful pros-
-pect, it was diversifyed by many im-
-proved Farms, over a great extent of Country.
from thence to Delaware 7 miles, the River
400 Yards Wide. Then to Josiah Adds

’s, a
Public house through a well improved Coun-
-try 7 miles, having two miles back passed
by Buckingham Meeting house. Thence
10 miles to Jacob Perry’s a kind friend,
here we got our Dinners, and rested a
few hours. Thence to Ezra Comforts
near Plymoth Meeting house 12 miles were we
lodged, and were kindly entertained.
It is a beautifully Country from Bucking
-ham Meetinghouse
here, the Land thick
settled; good Stone houses, and Barns;
Farms well improved. Many good fields
of Corn, and Oates, pretty good Rye, and
much of the ground under this Culture: but
little wheat sown, and that mostly very light.
People all busy a harvesting; Cradleing the
manner of cutting grain 42 miles