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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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grass, for it was a perfect sand bed, ex-
-cept some swamps, nearly all the way to

, and thinly timbered with Pitch
Pine, and as thinly Inhabitted, being
but 10 or 12 houses for 15 miles. and each of them a Tavern When Evening
came we were hard put to for good Quar-
-ters, within 1½ miles of Albany we found at the Wi-
-dow Scotts, pretty good pasture, but
the House and things in it looked very
discouraging, however we fared found it a
place of better quarters than we expected.
This has been a trying days ride, the Road
were was very dusty, and the Wind with us, so
that we were much smothered. 45 miles


In 1½ Miles we arrived at Albany

, the
Town stands on the West Side of the North
River, under a hill, so that we had but
little prospect of it until we we came close by,
we did not stop in the Town, riding
in at the West side, and out at the
South end; Shortly after we left the
City we passed by two beautiful country
seats on Commanding Eminances to our