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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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thence to Shenectady

13½ miles, the
land thin and stony, with but little
bottom land on the River. We had the
water often in view, and tho we have
seen but few streams of Consequence
that which o run into the River since we left
Fort Scuylar, yet it has increased very
much in Width. Where we lodged last
night, our Landlord said it was but
60 Yards Wide, in many places since
I supposed it to be from 100 to 150, and
at Schenectady where we ferryed it, we
were informed it was 60 pearches wide.

The town made a pretty appear-
-ance from the Opposite Shore; it is si-
-tuated close on the south side of the
River, appeared to be a considera-
-ble place, with many good buildings
we did not stop in the town it, desireing to
>go where we could get grass for our horses
>& understanding there were plenty of
Taverns on towards Albany

, we pro-
-ceeded forwardward, but we found the
country was to poor to to produce good