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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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>part of this stage the Mountains, or high roc[ky]
Hills crouded near to the River, so that
inplaces there was scarcely room for a
Road. Lodged at Connolly’s 17m 41 miles

Peas are very commonly swon in this
Northern Country, from Canada

to this place
3, 4 or more Acres in a lot; they are used to
feed Horses, fatten swine, &c, the Bottoms
on the Mohocks, contain a large quantity
of them. --- Spring Crops of all sorts on
this River and for a many miles further Wes[t]
I have observed to be very much hurt with
a Yellow Blossomed Weed, it has the appear-
-ance of Mustard tho much smaller, it grows
so thick in places, that the Oates, Peas, spring
Wheat &c: are entirely hid.


A pleasant ride 2 or more Miles down
a rich bottom all under Culture. the scar-
-city of Railtimber has induced many far-
-mers on this River to hang gates at certain
places instead of fencing each side of the
road, so that Corn, Wheat, Peas &c comes close
up to the road side, which causes a delight-
-ful appearance where Croops are good. fro[m]
thence to Degraph’s 17½ miles this stage; the