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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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us they had found one lad or Young Man, willing
to come and join in, on the farm, and one
to learn the smith trade, and the Chiefs
engaged to use their endeavours to get
more, they also agreed immeadiately to
Cover a shop, and burn some Coals, whic[h]
shop they accordingly covered next Mornin[g]
and went immeadiately to getting wood
home for Coal, and the oppertinity end-
-ed to general satisfaction. --- And It now
looks likely we may set of homewards tomorro[w]
which feels very pleasant. My Mind has for
the most part, has been easy about my
family and concerns at home, ever since
I left them, but now our business appear-
-ing to be gone through, the draught hom[e]
feels strong: and it has been some exercise
to our Minds to fix on the best rout to
take, down the Mohocks River, by Al-

, and through the Jerseys, is the best
Road, the Oldest settled Country, and likel[y]
to be have the best accomodations, but down
the Waters of the Susquehanna, near 100
miles neigher.