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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Wife and Hannah Jackson

, having got here
about three weeks ago, after a passage of 15 days.


Chief view in coming, was, to set
set up the Smith trade, and to instruct
some of the Indian Lads in that art, and
Hannah’s was to open a School, and besides
teaching Literature, to instruct the girls
in knitting, sewing, &c. neither of them
have yet opened their occupations, in part
occationed by some unsettlement or unea-
-siness in the Indians Minds, in regard
to the Sale of some of their lands, and the
runing of their lines, Commissioners hav-
-ing been busy engaged in the business since the
arrival of our friends.


We went on foot this Morning, Jacob Taylor

bearing us Company, to see the Tuscorora &
Stockbridge Indians, they Lay South from this
place up the Oneida Creek, the Tuscorora’s
two miles of, and the Stockbridge nation
four, the land is good, and with a considerable
bottom of it up the Creek, on which the
Tuscororas are Scatteringly settled, most of
them having some enclosures of wheat,