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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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profession they are makeing, which I
trust is in a good degree the situation
of a few friends here, they having been
strengthd since we were here last fall
to hold Meetings twice a Week; often m
more than 30 meeting on the fist day, and
half that number on a Week day, attending

About one O Clock we parted with our
kind friends here and set of for Oneida

Caleb Macumber putting us on our way
9 miles throug a country pretty thick set-
-tled, particularly on Mud Creek down which
>the waters of which we went, down for several miles after parting with him
we went for 6 or more miles, we went through good
Land, unimproved to the outlet of Ca-
nandarque lake a smart stream, which we crossed here
was one or two more settlements, thence to
Flint Creek 4 miles through as good
Land to appearance as any we have rod[e]
through over with plenty of fine limestone
all unimproved, here was a sawmill,
that did a great deal of Business
on a said large stream, which stream we Crossed the Creek
on a bridge, thence 3 miles to one
Woodhulls a privet house, tho some