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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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turned still more to the right, and went
along the beach to lake to the mouth of Buf-
-folae 29 miles, the prospect the remainder
remaining part of this day was pleasant, and it was
rather heightened by our being so long confined
in the Woods. The road was in places
good, but in other places very heavy,
that being a large the gravel being near fetlock deep.
We had the Lake on our left, the surf roling
gently to the shore in waves two or three
feet high. On our Right was a Majestick ap-
-pearance of rocks and stones piled up
in verey uniform order, in places from
20 to 60 feet high, as upright as the Wall
of a house, and in other places projecting
over several feet, the bottom of these
Rocks are wore with the bearing of the
Waves, and Sand, and Gravel, until
they are were wore into Curious shapes, and
as smooth as polished Marble, from
the tops of these Rocks the water was tr
trickling down very entertaining, I ob-
-served some Rocks standing in the edge
of the Water, as large over, and round
as a Millstone, the upper part whereof