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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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into the house where we were, and
their being a Whiteman living a-
-mongst them that could interpret, we
informed them of what we had been
doing at Cornplanters settlement

, and
of the young Men we had left there to
Instruct the Indians to Plough &c, and
of friends concern for the Indians in
general; with which they expressed their
satisfaction, saying they took it very
kind that we called to see them, and to
inform them of what we had been doing
>at Jeniscatago, for they had heard something
about it, but they had nothing further to
say, we then shook hands with them all
round and bid them farewell, We then and
turned a little to the right, leaving Cate-
-ragus considerable to our left, and in
about 7 miles of a very swampy teadious
road, through good land abounding with
Poplars, and with other timber heavily loaded,
we arrived at Lake Erie. here we gratifyed
our eyes in a while in viewing this Ob-
-sequious Element as far as the Convex
state of the globe would admit, -- here we now