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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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strong desire to know if they had any religius
Rites or Ceremonies amongst them, and last
evening we ha having some conversation with Cornplan-

on the Subject, he informed us, they had
two Solemnities in a year, when it was the
practice for their men and women, gene-
-rally to meet together in one place; the
first was in the spring, the other in the
fall about the time Corn was ripe; the lat-
-ter as a time or rejoicing, and to re-
-turn thanks to the great Spirit for this
Blessing. the did not keep the first day
of the week, but every one tryed to think
good in his own Mind; and as we could
he queried read the Bible he queried
whether there was anything said in it
about the Indians, we informed him the
Bible mentioned all nations, kindreds,
Tongues, and People, and that included
the Indians, and we would have been glad
to have mentioned to told him, tho the Indians
could not read the Bible yet they were
not Wholy deprived of the benefits of the
coming of Christ, for that a manifestation