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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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decorated with Beads tyed round their mid-
-dles, or knees, with long ends hanging
down, the are very fond of trinkets of
various kinds in there noses, and Ears,
the Men more particularly. I have seen bobs
of various kinds hanging there noses
to the weight of an Ounce, or more, coming
down over their Mouth. the Warriors
have the rim of their Ears cut round,
and loaded with different kinds of
Toys, until the hang down several
Inches. I saw one man with two padlocks
in one Year, such as are used for Saddle-
bags, another with a Watch, such as
Children use. large silver Crosses are
also made use of. their Calico shirts are
short and & have ruffles to their sleeves
& Bosoms. the Men and Womens are both made
in the same form, they come a little lower
than their Hips, and hangs loose at the
lower end, the Women wearing their
Petticuts Petticoats over under them, which
petticoats are mostly made of blue
Cloath, without any needlework, exept
the stitching some red Worsted binding